Holly is a young dog with a rare neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which affects her walking, coordination and balance.

About the Condition

What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a non-degenerative neurological condition that affects the development of the Cerebellum, whilst a puppy is in the uterus. The Cerebellum is situated at the back of the brain and is responsible for sending fine-tuned motor signals from the brain to the muscles, allowing for balance and coordination [1]. For puppies with CH, like Holly the Lab, this means that a physical part of the brain is underdeveloped or missing which causes them to have difficulties in walking, coordination and balance.

CH in itself doesn’t cause pain, the symptoms do not get worse as they get older. As the puppy grows they learn how to manage their conditions. Dogs with CH are more likely to walk with an abnormal gait and may need additional equipment to help with their mobility. Overall, most dogs with the condition can live a happy, fun-filled life with additional support. The symptoms do not get worse as they age. As the kitten or puppy grows it will learn to compensate for its condition but there are usually lifelong signs of a decreased ability to coordinate movement. Almost all dogs and cats with congenital CH can live happily as pets with a little special care to compensate for their disabilities.

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Does Your Dog have Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Looking after a dog with CH is very fulfilling but it also comes with many challenges.  One of those challenges can be finding out how to support a dog with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, especially if you are living in the UK.  So we have put together some information about how we have cared for Holly from when she was just a few weeks old into her teenage years.



We have launched a campaign to build awareness of CH.  The first stage of the campaign involves us gathering information from people who are currently caring for a dog with CH. We will then begin to build a real picture of the condition and the support needed to care for dogs with CH.  Dogs with CH are at risk of premature euthanasia, we hope by raising awareness of the condition more dogs will have a chance of living a fun-filled life.

Cerebellar Hypoplasia
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Holly News



We are so excited that Holly has been chosen to be a brand ambassador for


Holly loves going to the shows and the 2023 show will be her third time.  Holly loves meeting other pups and people.  She also loves entering the Fun Dog Shows and has done very well, coming
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW at the Norfolk Show in 2022.

As part of her role as Brand Ambassador, Holly is able to offer her friends and followers a 10% discount on tickets for any of the 2023 shows. Just use the code below to get your discount:-


If you are attending the show in August at Norfolk Showground we hope to see you there!!


Dog Shows 2023

Dog Shows 2023

Holly won ‘Best Rescue’ at Newmarket Fun Day on 10 June and ‘Best Rescue’ and ‘Best in Show’ at Tunstead Village Hall on Sunday 11 June. We are very proud of her. We are so excited that we are in dog show season again. Holly loves dog shows, and she loves meeting both...

Holly’s First Hydrotherapy Session

Holly’s First Hydrotherapy Session

Auntie Jo has worked with dogs with Cerebellar Hypoplasia before and is an expert in working with dogs with various disabilities and additional needs, and you could see that from the moment we arrived.  Jo was very good at reassuring Holly and after a little shower to...

Holly's First Hydrotherapy Session

In June 2022 Holly was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and after some discussion, it was recommended that Holly received water treadmill therapy from a registered animal Hydrotherapist.

Holly Loves Dog Shows

Holly loves going to fun dog shows and meeting everyone.  She always gets very excited especially when she meets the judges.  Holly was very successful in 2022, click below to find out more.

Holly Upcoming Events

Holly loves to be out and about at different fun dogs show and events.  You can find out more about where she will be by clicking below and if you are going to be there too, please let us know, Holly would love to meet you.

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Holly has additional needs due to her disabilities.  She is currently having Chiropractic treatment and Hydrotherapy.  If you would like to help support Holly through her treatments, you can find out ways to help by clicking below.