Administration Day

by | 29 Dec 2020 | About Holly | 0 comments

Today I rang the vets to organise Holly’s next vaccinations and started phoning around some insurance companies.

The variety in responses to hearing about Holly’s disability was quite wide, with many not insuring pre-existing conditions (which I can understand, that’s the norm really). However, due to Holly being more prone to falls, tumbles and forward rolls, I wanted reassurance that they would cover for accidental injuries if Holly fell badly or landed on something that injured her. All dogs can fall or land on something that injures them – I just wanted to know if they wouldn’t automatically disregard a claim due to Holly’s disability – the jury is still out on this. I need to wait another 7 – 10 days before I get an answer from the insurance company that seemed best in understanding Holly’s disability and needs.

Whilst on the phone with the insurance company I realised that most of the companies offered a discount if you take out insurance via the internet, but you still had to call up to organise the insurance if your pet had a pre-existing condition, meaning that the online discount is then not valued. I found that quite discriminative for pets like Holly, born with a disability. Thankfully, when discussing the condition with one particular insurance company (the one I hope to be going with), they felt it was right to add the discount, without me saying anything. I do think the call handler fell in love with Holly whilst I was describing her fun, loving ways and her disabilities. I think she will be melting lots of hearts.


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