Holly’s Meal Time

by | 11 Jan 2021 | About Holly | 0 comments

Holly eats Collards Puppy food with a little water to make gravy as suggested by her LUKAG foster family. When we adopted her she was having fifty grams, four times a day – we have increased that gradually to sixty grams.

As Holly’s disability hinders her from being able to stand and balance for long, we help her by supporting her back legs (as shown in the photo) when she is eating and drinking. When we first met Holly, her foster mum showed how she was supporting her under her belly. She explained that when she first met Holly, supporting Holly under her belly would involve weight-bearing.

However, she went on to say that within a week, Holly was holding more of her own weight, there was hardly any need to support her as she was doing it for herself.

About a week later, when we went to collect her, her foster mum showed how she was assisting Holly in the same way as you can see in the picture. Holly, within just a couple of weeks, had improved so much. She is an amazing pup.


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