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We adopted Holly through Labrador UK Action Group (LUKAG), a Labrador Specific Rescue set up in 2014 by Jules Norman. LUKAG helps owners rehome their Labradors responsibly and they became a registered charity in 2020.

LUKAG aims to rehome directly to new homes after comprehensive checks have been carried out, they don’t use kennels and in emergency situations, (like Holly’s) foster homes are used for a short period of time. LUKAG have a national network of volunteer transporters and home-checkers who arrange safe collection and delivery of the Labrador when necessary.

Throughout the adoption process, LUKAG have been great. Their compassion for each Labrador they help is very evident and their passion to give each Labrador a new home suited to the dog’s individual needs is enduring.

If you would like to support the work of LUKAG you can donate by clicking here.

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