Holly in the Snow

by | 16 Jan 2021 | About Holly | 0 comments

On 16 January, Suffolk was covered in snow for the first time in 2021. For Holly, at only 12 weeks old it was her first time feeling the snow on her paws and managing the slippery surface. This was also the time for Holly’s hoodaddy to throw snowballs at Holly’s hoobrother’s window (but that’s a different story – you should see the state of my windows now!).

I do wonder what it must be like exploring the coldness of the snow and that slushy noise. Holly’s hearing seems quite good so I wonder what she made of that. For a pup like Holly, any ground can be difficult to master with the unevenness, dips and edges – but the snow, well it was quite surprising, she just went for it and enjoyed herself, not too different to no snow for her.

She is a very clever girlie!


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