Holly’s First Visit to the Chiropractor

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Holly the Labrador had her first visit to see Claire Lawrence who is a McTimoney Chiropractic Therapist for horses and dogs. We live about one hour’s drive away from Claire’s clinic so it was quite a long drive for Holly but she slept for about half the journey and enjoyed looking out of the window, seeing the lights go by and cuddles with her hoomummy.

When Holly first met Claire she was very excited and she carried on being very excited to meet Claire throughout the consultation. Claire was able to observe Holly’s toileting and how she jigs around a bit when having a wee. Claire was also able to observe Holly walking on grass and gravel, as we wandered over to the clinic.

Once there, we discussed Holly’s history, whilst Holly had a huge drink, we also discussed what both her foster mum from LUKAG and we had observed of Holly and what additional support we were giving her. All the time, Claire was able to see how Holly was walking, and pulling herself from lying to sitting, to standing. Claire was also able to grab a few cuddles as well and Holly enjoyed a tummy rub too.

Claire was great, we discussed equipment that might help Holly like harnesses, ramps and a doggie pram. We discussed the need for Holly to have help now but also how supporting her now will help her as she gets older and would hopefully lead her to be more independent.

Claire gave Holly and us some exercises to do, including transferring her weight from side to side and front to back, muscle strengthening and massage. I think Holly will enjoy the ones where food/treats are involved (like all labs). I will be putting a timetable together for Holly and me to make sure we get the exercises done. The timetable won’t be set in stone as Holly’s days can vary quite a lot. She can have really good days and other days when sleep seems to be more necessary. But we will get there, and we will definitely update you on her exercises and how well we are doing.

Thank you to LUKAG for organising this treatment for Holly. Thank you to LUKAG and everyone who has donated money to Holly through LUKAG so that she can have more sessions with Claire in the future.


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