Holly’s Left Eye – Part 1

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Pete went on to say that the prognosis for Holly’s left eye is not good, but she may be fine with that. Pete had carried out an ultrasound on her eye, which confirmed the diagnosis of PHTVL and that there was definitely plaque in the eye that extended right back to the optic nerve, this being a hereditary defect.

We discussed what further action could be taken, but with Holly’s eye already being compromised by having a smaller eyeball and PHTVL, it was agreed that there would be little benefit for Holly to have Cataract surgery that wouldn’t be straightforward; and in Holly’s case, the risks really did outweigh the possible benefits to her. It was decided at this stage that it would be best to leave the eye alone and reassess in 6-12 months.

Pete also informed us that due to Holly having these problems there is a chance that other problems like glaucoma may develop in the eye and there is a possibility that the eye may need surgery or removal within the next 5 years. This is very sad, and putting Holly through an operation will be tough, however, I do believe Holly will cope without the eye as she is used to having little to no vision in that eye.

The good news is that Pete did confirm that Holly’s right eye is normal, which we were really pleased to hear.

When we adopted Holly, we were aware that Holly had virtually/completely no vision in her left eye. Holly was first examined by Debenham Vets when she was in the care of LUKAG, they determined that Holly’s left eyeball was abnormally small (micro ophthalmic), the left eye also had a Cataract and that it was possible that Holly had a condition in that eye called Persistent Hyperplastic Tunica Vasculosa Lentis (PHTVL). At this stage, it was agreed by the vets, LUKAG and us that it was best for Holly to leave her eye alone as we were unsure how she would progress but more importantly it wasn’t causing Holly any discomfort and as she had never had any sight in the eye, so for Holly she knew no different and her right eye seemed to have no problems.

However, recently we noticed that Holly’s left eye seemed redder than usual with a slight discharge. We had made an appointment for Holly to be weighed for her worm and flea treatment and mentioned the eye at this appointment. It was agreed that Holly has an internal referral to see Pete, the Ophthalmologist at Debenham Vets.

Holly was seen on 11 March 2021, Pete informed us that the redness in the eye was caused by the Cataract and that it needed to be treated with anti-inflammatory eye drops from here on in.

Pete also stated that he was flabbergasted by how well she was doing and how well she was getting around. Considering that when Pete first met Holly he was unsure that Holly would have a good outcome, he was impressed by her resilience, as we are too. She is remarkable and continues to show her determination in life.

We would like to thank Debenham Vets for their expert care and treatment of Holly and their reassurance, support and advice as we look after Holly. Also, thank you to LUKAG who continues to support Holly and us.

Also thank you to all of Holly’s followers, having kind comments, advice and support from everyone really does make a difference.


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