Holly’s Emergency Eye Appointment

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When Holly got back from her Ophthalmologist appointment on 11 March, she seemed in discomfort, she was rubbing her eyes and the left eye didn’t open very well. We thought it was due to Holly just having an ultrasound on the eye and decided to observe her and ring the vet in the morning. I put a message on the Labrador Owner’s Facebook group to see if anyone else had experienced their dog being in discomfort after an eye ultrasound and received some encouraging messages that really did help.

I emailed Debenham Vet and sent a picture of Holly’s left eye which looked very inflamed and red. She was still rubbing her eyes and the eye was still struggling to open. I was advised to get Holly up to the Vet as soon as possible.

Peter explained that Holly had a Corneal Ulcer. He explained that Holly needed to have an eye contact bandage, antibiotics drops and tablets and moisture drops. She would need to be reviewed in a week to see how well the ulcer has healed.

We went to collect Holly, she came out with a cone-of-shame on, we discussed with the veterinary nurse how the week was going to be, as Holly’s balance and co-ordination are so affected by the Cerebellar Hypoplasia so we envisage her having more tumbles than usual. This was confirmed, when Holly did a tumble and broke her cone, so yesterday we had a very gentle day as we waited to get a replacement cone.

Holly has now finished the anti-biotic tablets and is just on the drops until Friday. The eye does look better.


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