Holly sees her Chiropractor

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Holly visited Claire Lawrence last night. It’s been seven weeks since Holly’s last appointment, so Claire was amazed to see how well Holly had progressed, and Holly was extremely excited to see Claire.

It was evident that Holly was standing a lot more and was definitely more stable. The weakness that was very noticeable in her hind legs had definitely improved. It was great to hear how Claire could see the changes in Holly.

Claire examined Holly, checking for flexibility/movement and any areas of discomfort for Holly. I had already mentioned to Claire that I felt Holly’s ribs were vulnerable to being knocked when she falls as they seem very noticeable at times.

Claire did find that Holly was uncomfortable at one rib area on her right side where the rib met the vertebrae. I felt quite bad at this point but Claire reassured me that it was only a slight discomfort and she probably had done it recently. Claire did her thing – with her tool, she massaged Holly and used this red light thingie whilst Holly nibbled on some kibble. Claire then went back to the area of discomfort and Holly showed no sign of discomfort anymore. Claire is one remarkable woman. Amazing to watch.

We then went on to discuss her exercises. I had struggled with a few of them because I need to hold her and as she is a puppy and teething – she is more interested in my fingers than anything else. Massages and skin rolls I can do fine – and love being able to do them on Holly.

We discussed the need to gauge carefully when to do Holly’s exercises as she tires really easily and it may be necessary to alternate days between walks and exercises. It will need some careful planning.

Also, some of Holly’s exercises are really a two-person job. During the day it’s just me and Holly, as my husband works, and Holly will generally be too tired for exercise in the evenings when my husband is at home. I joked with Stuart about needing a “dog assistant” but with social distancing it’s tricky. Not sure how we are going to approach that one yet – but I’m sure we will come up with something. We are going to purchase a balance cushion as part of her exercises and lure her onto it with treats and primula (other makes are available lol) which is where the second pair of hands are needed and she’ll be held whilst trying to balance on front paws and then back paws.

Another exercise will be alternating weight-bearing from side to side and front to back. Again, four hands are better than two.

All exercises need to be done regularly and slowly built up without tiring Holly out too much. We will hope to get some footage of her doing her exercises so you can see how she progresses. Holly will visit Claire again in six weeks.

Many thanks to LUKAG and all who have donated towards Holly visiting Claire. If you would like to donate you can via this page….. just pop in the message section “For Holly”.


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