Holly’s Seasons

by | 9 Jun 2022 | About Holly | 0 comments

Holly was seven and a half months old when she had her first season in June 2021. She was ok with it but was more sleepy than usual. She then had her second season only four months later on 19th October 2021, 5 days before her first birthday. We contacted our vets at this point as we thought they were too close together, and the vets agreed. They advised us that if Holly’s next season was close together again that it would probably be best that she was spayed as it isn’t healthy for dogs to have them so close together.

Holly’s next season began in February 2022, 17 weeks after her previous season. After advice from the vets, Holly was booked in to be spayed on 6th May 2022, slightly earlier than the recommended three months after a season as Holly’s seasons were so close together.

At Holly’s pre-op check on 4th May 2022, she was diagnosed with a phantom pregnancy, her spay was postponed and she was treated with Galastop. Her spay was rebooked for 17th May.

Unfortunately, Holly developed glaucoma in her left blind eye on 12th May 2022 and it was removed on the same day. This meant that Holly’s spay was again postponed.

She was finally spayed on 9th June and is recovering well.


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