Holly’s Left Eye – Part 2

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In February 2022, Holly was seen by the Ophthalmologist again for a checkup. There was no change in the left eye, although we discussed that Holly’s retina could be partially or fully detached. However, Holly’s right eye had now developed a Cataract. It was small and not in Holly’s line of vision. It was agreed to keep a close eye on both eyes and have six monthly checks and continue using the eye drops in the left eye.

In May 2022, Holly had a phantom pregnancy (you can read more about it here) and was really not herself, she was off her food and sleeping more and needing lots of cuddles.

One day, I noticed that her eyes were very sticky and she was unable to really open her left eye. We got her to the vet and she was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and given eye drops.

Two days later, I came downstairs in the morning, opened Holly’s crate and said hello and went to stroke her as I usually do, before I even touched her she yelped in pain at me. I became very concerned at this point. She came out of her crate slowly, we had a bit of cuddle and then she went to the back door to go to the toilet. It was a sunny day and as I went to open the door, Holly squealed, I have never heard her make such a noise. She backed off from the door and I closed it and called the vet.

She was seen by the vet and her eye pressure was checked, the left eye pressure was high and the eye had developed glaucoma. It was agreed that Holly’s eye should be removed that very day. I said goodbye to her, and she wandered into the back room, along with her teddy she has in her crate.  Before leaving for the vet I had put in my bag her eye drops for conjunctivitis and the Galastop for her phantom pregnancy. I think I already knew she wasn’t coming home that evening.  Holly’s operation was a success, she was a little slow coming around from the anaesthetic but recovered well.

Holly’s eye was sent off to Histology. It was identified that she had seven main things wrong with her eye, including glaucoma, Retina detachment and a condition called Goniodysgenesis. It was advised that the right eye may also have Goniodysgenesis and it was wise to check it.  Holly’s right eye was checked and it was wonderful to hear that it wasn’t affected by the condition and other than the small cataract her right eye was healthy.  The wound where Holly’s left eye was continues to heal well and she is back to her usual self.

We are so grateful for the support and excellent care that Debenham Vets has shown Holly. We kept in touch with Holly’s followers during the days before and after her surgery and they sent lots of love to Holly. They sent messages of encouragement, support and empathy at such a difficult time, which made a huge difference to us as we waited on how Holly was doing in surgery and later whilst she recovered.

We are also thankful to LUKAG who were so supportive and paid for Holly’s eye surgery, alleviating us of a huge vet bill and additional stress. LUKAG have a wonderful reputation for supporting the dogs that they have rescued and rehomed and we saw their love and generosity for ourselves at this time. We will forever be thankful.


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