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It’s been a While

It’s been a While

by | 27 Jul 2022 | About Holly | 0 comments

Apologies for not writing a blog post for some time.. I didn’t realise how long it had been.

So, what can I say about Holly, to sum up, the last few months……. well, she is a complete joy to have around!

She is nearly 9 months old now, with the teenage mayhem to go with it. She has chewed through two phone chargers and a sky remote – she is mischievous – but we love the fact that she is doing normal teenage things.

She enjoys her walks and loves to say hello to all humans she meets and always wants to introduce herself to all the dogs she sees. She walks with quite a distinct wobble and so she does get quite a lot of attention – she has even had applause as people have seen how much she has improved over the months.

She is having regular 1-to-1 training in our back garden which is going very well. We are now concentrating on getting a good sit with more weight distribution to her back. This is so we can then train Holly to do ‘give a paw’ with a good stretch as suggested by her Chiropractor so to increase her muscle development.

Holly has been seeing her Chiropractor regularly and we find this time extremely helpful. Claire Lawrence is able to see Holly’s progress over the last month or so and she can assess Holly to see if she has any trouble areas. Holly’s shoulders are slightly stiff diluent to her posture when walking and standing and so Claire treats Holly to a massage and red-light therapy to help with this. Holly has also been treated for a slight twist in one of her vertebrae and this hasn’t reoccurred. We are so grateful for the kind support from LUKAG and their supporters for Holly to have this treatment. It does benefit Holly and reassures us that Holly hasn’t bumped herself too much when she tumbles or falls.

Holly’s training has also benefitted her in everyday life. We have trained her to do a ‘down’ which she manages really well. This has been great as Holly has recently become quite nervous of loud or fast vehicles and will calmly pop herself into the down position when she gets nervous, thus reducing the amount of falling she could do. She is very good at transferring her training to different situations.

We have been struggling to get Holly to eat out of a bowl recently and after a discussion with her Trainer and Chiropractor, I think we have concluded that Holly just wants the company of someone near her. When she was younger she was held up to help her feed and then it was reduced to supporting her as she got more stable, to eventually her being able to be so stable she could do it all on her own and that was fine for a while. But, we think recently she has become more attached to the people around her and would love to hand feed or scatter feed. So we have now incorporated her breakfast with training and fun activities to do with mummy and dinner is getting slightly better.

Holly has a very lovely temperament which she displays to all she meets. She just wants to get to know everyone, and seems to be getting there!


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