Holly loves Dog Shows

by | 20 Sep 2022 | About Holly | 0 comments

Holly absolutely loves dog shows and this year we have attended quite a few. Holly is such a friendly dog she has equal affection for both dogs and hoomans. She loves her cuddles and fuss from hoomans and is more likely to want to get close and lick a doggie than play. Over the last few shows, we have seen her really lean on to her doggie friends, resting her head gently on theirs, it has just been wonderful to watch. She is a little jumpy with barking friends but always goes back to them, hoping they might be a little different the next time.

The dogs are a great way for Mummy and Daddy to meet with other people and talk about Holly and her condition too. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a very rare condition and many people don’t know about it, so we have lots of questions about the condition and it’s not unusual to get a few tears as we talk about Holly and her disabilities.

Holly enjoys walking around the ring, it helps if there is another dog in front of her, otherwise, she gets a little distracted by all the smells on the ground. Her “sit” is amazing, with a little help from some pate. Holly can hold her sit for a little while, however, she does go into what we call a “sloppy sit” and usually leans on Mummy when she gets a little tired.

Holly has done well in the dog shows, she has won “Best in Show” at DogFest – Hertfordshire as well as the Brampton Plough Day after winning 1st in Best Rescue.

We are extremely proud of Holly’s achievements.


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