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Labrador UK Action Group

Labrador UK Action Group

by | 22 Oct 2022 | Team Around Holly | 0 comments

Holly has been surrounded by a great team of people who have had her needs at the centre of each decision and offer of advice made regarding Holly’s health and wellbeing.

Holly first met (Auntie) Jules from Labrador UK Action Group (LUKAG) when she was two months old.  Her breeder had contacted the registered charity knowing that Holly wasn’t able to be a working dog due to her disabilities and wanted to see if Holly could be given a chance at life and a good home.

Labrador UK Action Group are a national charity who don’t use kennels whilst rescuing and placing a Labrador in a new home.

They match a Labrador with a new home in a superb way which means that most Labradors go from their current situation into their new homes, without the need for another environment in between.  Sometimes, like in Holly’s case, the rescue charity decides that it’s in the best interest of the dog to be fostered by the charity first.  For Holly, this meant that the charity could assess Holly’s needs, and get her checked out by the vet to get a full understanding of her condition and prognosis.  Time with Holly meant that LUKAG could monitor her progress and see exactly what Holly needed in her new home.  The amount of love and care for Holly and all the other Labradors that Labrador UK Action Group give is overwhelming – and it doesn’t stop when a dog is re-homed.

The amount of ongoing support we receive for Holly is outstanding. We know that they are only a phone call away for great advice or a bit of emotional support and are very much part of the team around her.


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