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Synergy Small Animal Rehabilitation

Synergy Small Animal Rehabilitation

by | 22 Oct 2022 | Team Around Holly | 0 comments

Holly has a new member of her Team, Jo from Synergy, Small Animal Rehabilitation based in Stowmarket.  Jo has been practising hydrotherapy since 2005 and is a member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA).  Jo holds Level 3 certificates in Hydrotherapy and a diploma in advanced water treadmill.

Jo has treated all kinds of orthopaedic and neurological diseases along with age-related conditions that can affect an animal’s lifestyle.

Holly first met (Auntie) Jo on 15 October 2022, Holly was referred to Jo by Debenham Vets after Holly was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.  Although Holly had done some training exercises around walking in a straight line on a narrow surface and had been encouraged to get her paws wet, we were still unsure how she would find using the water treadmill.  However, it wasn’t long before Holly was used to the water and getting a walking rhythm on the treadmill, she amazed us all.  Her determination to keep going and to get to the floating toy was just amazing.  She just keeps on surprising everyone.


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