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Claire Lawrence McTimoney Animal Therapist

Claire Lawrence McTimoney Animal Therapist

by | 24 Oct 2022 | Team Around Holly | 0 comments

It was suggested by both Labrador UK Action Group and Debenham Veterinary Practice that Holly was seen by Claire Lawrence McTimoney Animal Therapist based in Norfolk. A referral from Debenham Vets was sent to Claire and Holly’s journey with (Auntie) Claire began.

​Claire has a Master’s Degree in Animal Manipulation and uses the McTimoney chiropractic technique on both dogs and horses. Her treatments improve the comfort, well-being and general health of an animal.  McTimoney Chiropractic can help with many musculoskeletal problems, focusing on misalignments of the spine and pelvis that can cause muscular tightness, pain and stiffness. Claire’s treatments gently readjust misalignments and stimulate nerves helping to initiate the healing process.  Holly sees Claire every six to eight weeks. 

Holly’s progress has been greatly improved by Claire’s knowledge of the dog’s anatomy and how Holly’s condition affects her musculoskeletal system. 

From the start, Claire has been able to give us advice on what exercises would be good for Holly to do.  These exercises would help her posture, and balance and would strengthen Holly’s muscles and joints.  Claire’s work is also very reassuring for us as Hooparents, as we do get concerned when Holly stumbles or falls.  Claire can identify if Holly has had a bit of a bump that is causing her problems.  We always feel reassured if Claire gives Holly a clean bill of health, or if there is an issue that Claire can treat whether it be just one treatment session, or over a few sessions. We also visited Claire when we were concerned about an injury.  Holly was seen by Claire due to her left hip not being right.  She didn’t seem to be in pain but she wasn’t sitting and lying as usual.  Claire assessed Holly and there was a misalignment that Claire was able to identify and adjust.  Holly was considerably better after her treatment.

We now know that Holly has double hip dysplasia  (diagnosed in June 2022) and therefore the treatment Claire gives Holly is essential to minimise her pain and keep her mobile without significant pain for as long as possible. Claire now uses a treatment called Indiba, an electrotherapy treatment that penetrates deeply into the soft tissues and assists with the management of pain, inflammation and tissue healing.  We hope that this will be of great benefit to Holly.

Claire’s work with Holly is really important as it is very likely that Holly will develop arthritis in later life.  Therefore, Holly’s visits to Claire are essential to mimimise the chances of additional complications as Holly gets older and identify any complications at the earliest opportunity. Holly gets very excited when she sees Claire, we always feel there is a difference for Holly, and that the treatments and exercise advice we receive from Claire help with Holly’s current needs and her needs later on in life.

Claire’s treatment for Holly is paid for by LUKAG, if you wish to donate please click on the button below,
and please put a reference stating “HollythelabUK when donating.


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