Holly won ‘Best Rescue’ at Newmarket Fun Day on 10 June and ‘Best Rescue’ and ‘Best in Show’ at Tunstead Village Hall on Sunday 11 June. We are very proud of her.

We are so excited that we are in dog show season again. Holly loves dog shows, and she loves meeting both dogs and humans alike.  She gets a little down-hearted when people seem to just walk past without acknowledging her, she looks around like she is thinking “Hello?, I’m here!”, bless her! She loves the attention.

We have noticed during the last few shows that people have been purposefully coming up to us and asking if they can meet Holly and they ask questions about her wobbles and her eye. We find this really encouraging as we like to talk to people about Cerebellar Hypoplasia and the impact it has on dogs like Holly. A lot of people are surprised that dogs with CH living in the UK are at risk of premature euthanasia and find it hard to believe that dogs like Holly could just be put down.