Holly’s Has Some Ouchies

by | 14 Jun 2023 | About Holly, Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Latest News | 0 comments

When you see the video above, you won’t be surprised to hear that Holly has had a few ouchies.

We always try to make sure Holly has fun and excitement, but trying to manage her over-excitement is a challenge.  Recently, her need to jump in excitement has increased.  Holly doesn’t jump up at people, she jumps up in the air and gets very excited – she loves life. Unfortunately, the more excited she is, the more uncoordinated she is too. 

She has recently hurt her groin and on another occasion her elbow. Thankfully, Auntie Claire Lawrence was able to identify the areas causing her pain and treat the area, she also was prescribed some pain relief.  She is much better now, and mummy is working with Auntie Caroline to reduce Holly’s need to jump in the air with excitement.

It is difficult for us to get the balance right between fun and safety at times, but we will continue to give Holly good times!