Holly’s Sponsored Walk with Ellie-Rose

by | 14 Jun 2023 | About Holly, Latest News | 0 comments

Holly is joining Vicky’s and Stuart’s granddaughter, Ellie-Rose on 22nd June 2023 on a sponsored walk.  The walk will happen early on in the day before it gets too hot.

Ellie-Rose is two years old and has recently been diagnosed with two rare chromosome disorders. Her mum, Alishia, is raising money for the Unique Charity, which supports families who have been affected by a loved one being diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder. The charity has supported Alishia and Ellie-Rose since the diagnosis and will continue to support them as Ellie-Rose gets older.

Holly is joining Ellie-Rose as both of them have ataxia, which means that they both can easily lose their balance and are uncoordinated. We thought it would be rather cute for both of them to do the walk together.

Holly and Ellie-Rose get on well with a little distance between them as both of them wobble, so wobbling into each other is preempted, and a little space is made. The walk will be for thirty minutes which will be quite a long time for Ellie-Rose but is about right for Holly.


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